Fatal Promise (2020) Full Episode

Fatal Promise

Other name: 위험한 약속 / wiheomhan yaksok / Dangerous Promise / A Dangerous Promise

This is a fierce revenge melodrama about a girl who is pushed to the edge of a cliff while fighting the unjust and a man who breaks his promise with her and starts a family of his own, reuniting 7 years later.

Cha Eun Dong (Park Ha Na) is a girl that always stands up against injustice. This places her and her family into a difficult situation. Around this time, Kang Tae In (Go Se Won) makes a promise to Cha Eun Dong. The promise is vital to Cha Eun Dong and her family, but he breaks his promise. His broken promise causes the destruction of Cha Eun Dong’s family. 7 years passes …

Genre: Melodrama

Release Date: March 30, 2020
Runtime: Monday – Friday 19:50
Director: Kim Shin-Il
Writer: Ma Joo-Hee
Network: KBS2
No. of episodes: 100
– Park Ha Na as Cha Eun Dong
– Go Se Won as Kang Tae In
– Kang Tae Sung as Choi Joon Hyuk
– Park Tae In as Oh Hye Won
– Lee Chang Wook as Han Ji Hoon

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